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Breda Xanthos Damasco

The Xanthos Damasco is a luxury grade semiautomatic shotgun. The Damasco’s titanium finish is offset by real gold inlays and engraving by the renowned bottega di Giovanelli. The fancy hand oiled walnut stocks help take this shotgun to the next level of elegance and taste.
Product Description


    The desire for quality, reliability and uniqueness are just a few of the characteristics that have led to the creation of our ”avant-garde” line which reaches its highest peak in the semiautomatic Xanthos. Delveloped and produced using the renowned technology that differentiates our company; the Xanthos makes the most of the inetrial movement system originally conceived in the mind of Bruno Civolani; one of the most outstanding designers to have ever worked in the semi-auto field.

    Xanthos is produced by Breda to the highest industrial standards, with the result being a shotgun with a quite unique mechanical accuracy and high ballistic output. Thanks to our R&D, an innovate stell receiver is produced using a unique manufacturing process which results in an evenly distributed highgrade stell thickness thtoughout the receiver.

    Xanthos is today the only semi-auto shotgun that is completely made from steel, yet the gun remains incredibly light (as light as a semi-auto made from Alloy). The inertial movement system is effectively combined with Breda’s superior block-locking system which combines simple functionality and a high level of gun safety.

    Additional Xanthos features: simple to operate, a cartidge cut off system that is fast and quick. Plus the news steel ‘heart’ (receiver) is fitted with Breda’s renowned steel barrels that are made from the highest quality steel that give Breda barrels a significant advantage over lesser smoth-bore barrels.


    Technical specifications

    Functioning: Semiautomatic shotgun, Breda Technology inertia system
    Locking system: By vertical lug
    Gauge: 12 gauge
    Chamber: 76mm, 3'' magnum
    Stock and fore-end: Fancy walnut, oiled finished
    Drop at heel: 55, adjustable to 50/60
    Receiver: Made in Steel by Breda exclusive industrial process
    Receiver finishing: Damask engraving on both sides of the receiver; In the middle stands a flying golden pheasant. Manual polishing entire surface and subsequent chemical treatment in nickel plating bath and ruthenium . The engraving is signed by " Bottega Giovanelli "
    Sight: High luminosity fiber optic
    Safety: Transverse botton behind the trigger with red "ready to shoot" signal
    Trigger guard: Technopolymer matte finishing
    Trigger weight: (Italiano) Compreso tra i 2,2 e i 2,5 kg
    Recoil pad: high density pad modeeling with stock
    Magazine: without plug 3 rounds of 12/76, ; 2 round with plug fitted
    Weight: 3.00 kg, 28'' barrel fitted
    Barrel lenght available: 24'', 26'', 28'' and 30'' MAGNUM, steel ammunition proof
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Breda
    Type Semi Automatic
    Firearms Caliber / Gauge 12 GA
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