Beretta SV10 Prevail I Sporting

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Beretta SV10 Prevail I Sporting

A NEW GENERATION OF SHOTGUN IS BORN. Today’s technology-driven competition shooter demands the best performance features that modern innovation offers.
Product Description


    SV10 Prevail I Sporting: Strong, Accurate, Durable Competition Shotgun

    The SV10 Prevail I Sporting over-under continues the winning tradition of Beretta’s modernistic SV line. It was designed to meet three important objectives: be optimized for competition, be durable and easy to maintain, and be natural-pointing and low-recoil. With this in mind, the SV10 Prevail I offers a vault-like low-profile action, a self-adjusting fore-end mechanism that ensures consistent contact points with the barrels for best accuracy, an advanced recoil-reducing device (on select models) that dramatically cuts down recoil, muzzle jump and vibration, and super-durable OptimaBore barrels. All this and more make the SV10 Prevail I the shotgun for the most ambitious challenges.


    Low-Profile, Strong Action

    The SV10 receiver has some important differences from the Beretta 680 action familiar to bird and clay shooters. The barrel shoulders are supersized and are asymmetrical to enhance durability as much as possible while keeping the profile of the action low. Also, the ejection system is designed to function flawlessly with cartridges of different brass-height, the trigger group is detachable (by first removing the stock) for easy maintenance, and the top lever is wide for instinctive and comfortable use under the stress of competition. And as mentioned, the profile of the action is low--a winning Beretta feature that enables the shotgun to be trim and easy-pointing, as well as to minimize the vertical distance between the eye and the supporting hand.

    Competition Stock

    The SV10 Prevail is offered (select models) with the revolutionary Kick-Off recoil-reducing device. This is a hydraulic dampener system built into the stock; upon firing, the hydraulic shock-absorbers eat up the recoil before this reaches your shoulder, thereby reducing felt kick by up to 70%.

    This means more comfort during a long day of competition as well as considerably faster follow-up shots (resulting in more broken clays!). Within the fore-end, there is a patented mechanism that self-adjusts to keep accuracy and point of impact constant after thousands of rounds.

    It uses springs to fill any gaps that may develop between the fore-end iron and the barrels, so that the contact between bearing surfaces remains absolutely uniform.

    Best-Quality OptimaBore Barrels

    The SV10 Prevail’s Optima-Bore HP barrels are cold-hammer forged to guarantee perfect concentricity, while the proprietary steel alloys employed make them both extremely strong and lightweight. The bore and chamber are completely chrome lined to guarantee maximum resistance to corrosion and wear--and to take with equal ease steel and lead shot. Also, the Optima-Bore HP barrel’s longer forcing cone improves patterning and helps reduce felt recoil. With all these features, Beretta has made the SV10 Prevail I a fantastic choice for those looking for a hi-tech shotgun for clay competitions that can be taken on the occasional bird or duck hunt.


    Barrel length (cm) 71/76/81
    Barrel length (in) 28/30/32
    Chamber (mm) 76
    Chamber (in) 3"
    Choke OCHP
    Gauge 12
    Lylium N
    Rib 10x8
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Beretta
    Type Over And Under
    Firearms Caliber / Gauge 12 GA
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