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  • Breda Echo Nickel

    Breda Echo Nickel

    Sober style and strong personality empowered by a special nickel finish. Learn More
  • Breda Xanthos Gold

    Breda Xanthos Gold

    The Xanthos Gold is Breda’s flagship inertia driven shotgun. Its rich design is the result of over 1,000 hours of work by master engraver Diego Bonsi from the world famous Laboratorio Incisioni, B&B. Pure gold and silver wire is inlaid into each receiver by the hands of skilled Italian craftsman. The stock is made of very fancy walnut that is hand oiled and rubbed into a lustrous finish. The Xanthos Gold celebrates the “Queen of the Forest”, the woodcock. Learn More
  • Breda Echo Black

    Breda Echo Black

    Echo Black let you enter in Breda inertia semiauto families… Learn More
  • Breda Xanthos Classic

    Breda Xanthos Classic

    The Xanthos Classic combines decorative engravings with classic lines. The engravings serve as the perfect compliment to the semi-fancy walnut stock that is hand oiled by Italian craftsmen. Learn More
  • Breda Xanthos Damasco

    Breda Xanthos Damasco

    The Xanthos Damasco is a luxury grade semiautomatic shotgun. The Damasco’s titanium finish is offset by real gold inlays and engraving by the renowned bottega di Giovanelli. The fancy hand oiled walnut stocks help take this shotgun to the next level of elegance and taste. Learn More
  • Breda Echo Grey

    Breda Echo Grey

    It’s little know that the inertia system was invented for Breda by the same brilliant mind that conceived the Xanthos: Bruno Civolani, and it is for this reason, that he is universally regarded as the founding father of the modern inertial semiautomatic. Learn More
  • Breda Xanthos Grey

    Breda Xanthos Grey

    The Xanthos Grey sets itself apart with a titanium finish and Breda’s proprietary hard coating. The stock is made of select walnut that is oil finished to a lustrous shine. The Xanthos Grey is understated elegance in the form of modern inertia driven shotgun. Learn More
  • Breda Xanthos Black

    Breda Xanthos Black

    The Xanthos Black has all of the same features that make the Xanthos line the pinnacle of quality, reliability and uniqueness. It uses a state of the art inertia operating system. The Xanthos’ steel receiver is hand matched to the same high quality steel barrel that Breda is famous for throughout Italy and Europe. Learn More

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